What makes these bars different?
The number one thing that makes B.O.S.S. Bars® different is what’s inside: they’re made with raw superfoods and only raw superfoods! This helps the bars taste great, of course, but it also assures they pack a powerful punch. Each bar is specially formulated to bring out the functional benefits of these special ingredients. The end result? Bars so super they should be wearing capes!

Each bar has a different nutritional focus, which you might notice in their names. Want a great post-workout recovery snack? Time to MOVE®! Afternoon slump or down in the dumps? Pack in some protein and raw cacao with our SMILE® bar so you can do just that.

We don’t use fillers, protein powders, additives, or preservatives. We value clean labels and food transparency: what you see is what you get. And what you get helps you fill up and feel awesome.

Our bars contain only eight real food ingredients and nothing more. And you can check off some of those daily value requirements - there are a variety of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals in each bar (sometimes even more!) Please refer to the nutrition facts panels on each package.
What can I use these for?
Since they’re made with nutrient-dense ingredients, B.O.S.S. Bars® make a wonderful addition to any activity. Whether you’re hiking the Cascades or playing charades, leading a meeting or wrestling your child’s homework away from the dog, you’re required to be a superhero each and every day. Our B.O.S.S. Bars® keep you going as you soar! With five different flavors and functions to choose from, they truly help you Nourish When You Need It®.

Our bars are wonderful with meals as well. Try a THINK® bar with your morning coffee or a RESTORE® bar with your afternoon juice or favorite green smoothie.
When should I eat these?
Right now! And later…and then again. B.O.S.S. Bars® are designed for anytime, all the time. See what people have to say about our bars.
Why aren’t you the cheapest bar on the shelf?
Great question! We stand by our quality, and premium ingredients come at, well…a premium. There is a big difference between, for example, an Aronia berry and a raisin, a Brazil nut and a cashew, coconut flakes and coconut oil. To pump up our products with ingredients that have no nutritional value would defeat the purpose of our mission. The good news is that our bars are filling and nutrient dense. Many of our customers use them as breakfast and lunch meal replacements.
What is a superfood?
At B.O.S.S., we consider a superfood to be a food that fits three requirements: 1) It comes straight from Mother Nature 2) It’s filled with nutrients and 3) It helps you be super too. The packaging on each bar contains nutritional facts that tell you more about the goodness inside.
Are your ingredients safe?
Absolutely. Because B.O.S.S. only uses what the Earth gifts us, you don’t need to worry about the dangers of preservatives. We take pride in our food and refuse to resort to artificial ingredients. It’s not who we are (and maybe not who you are, either).
How do you define raw?
We define raw by making it synonymous with simplicity. B.O.S.S. Bars® are clean, minimally processed, and handled in a manner that protects the bioavailability of their vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. The creation of our bars does not involve temperatures higher than 115 degrees Fahrenheit. All B.O.S.S. Bars are Non-GMO Project Verified. and contain no additives. Plus, we use organic ingredients whenever we can, taking special precaution to avoid conventional ingredients that are among the Environmental Working Group’s Dirty Dozen.
How long do the bars last?
B.O.S.S. Bars® last for nine months from time of production (when stored at room temperature). But perhaps you’ll find that there’s really no need for a shelf-life: buy a bar and consume with expediency.
Are these safe for people with Celiac disease and other types of gluten-sensitivity?
Yes! We understand that food allergies are a major concern to our consumers. That’s why we participate in the Celiac Support Association (CSA) Recognition Seal Program, a program that certifies us “gluten-free.” This standard is strict and ensures B.O.S.S. Bars® contain less that 5ppm of gluten. Our certification isn’t a one-time deal, either: we undergo a rigorous audit each time we change ingredient suppliers or manufacturing facilities. If you’d like to learn more about this certification process, please visit the CSA website.
What does Paleo certification mean?
Paleo certification means we abide by the rules set forth by the Paleo Foundation. These rules certify that our products fit within the standards of the Paleo Diet. Essentially, this means that B.O.S.S. Bars® are free of dairy, grains, processed food and sugar, legumes, starches, and alcohol. B.O.S.S. Bars are Non-GMO Project Verified. For more information, please visit the Paleo Foundation website.
Do your bars contain soy?
Definitely not: we find no joy in soy! Our Paleo certification ensures that there’s no soy whatsoever in our products.
Do your bars have dairy?
None of our products contain dairy. The Paleo certification ensures that we remain dairy-free. Actually the only animal product used in our bars is the raw honey used in our MOVE® and RESTORE® bars.
Do your bars contain preservatives?
Not one bit! We’re all about superfoods and superpreservatives aren’t really a thing.
Are your bars vegan?
We appreciate those who eat with compassion and strive to offer vegan choices to conscientious consumers. Our vegan bars include: THINK®, SMILE®, and DAZZLE®. Our MOVE® and RESTORE® bars contain honey. All batch runs are done separately with the equipment cleaned and sanitized thoroughly in between, so you can be sure there is no cross contamination between our vegan and non-vegan products.
What about the sugar in these bars?
For a lot of us, “sugar” is “the white stuff we put in our coffee so it doesn’t taste like coffee.” But dried and fresh fruit contain natural sugar and that’s where our sugar content comes from (our ingredients have no added refined sugar). Fruit sugar is processed much differently than refined or processed sugar and doesn’t result in the elevated insulin levels that we all want to avoid. Fruit also contains fiber, which slows the metabolism of glucose, and a variety of nutrients. The same can’t be said for the bag of sugar in your pantry: sure, it’s sweet, but that’s the only thing going for it. Most of our customers report back that our bars left them full and satisfied for hours, unlike that sugary granola bar that leaves you famished again in twenty minutes. That’s the difference between the sweetness in our bars and theirs.
Do you source Fair Trade ingredients?
Yes! Whenever Fair Trade is available, we jump at the chance to use it. This mainly comes into play with our B.O.S.S. Bars® that contain raw cacao powder and rooibos tea.
Where are your bars available?
You can email us through our contact form at any time with your zip code and we will help you find bars at a store near you. If you don’t find them at your favorite local retailer, please ask for them by name. We serve wholesale accounts! Or you can meet our bars on the internet. Simply order online to have them shipped to your front door.
What is your return policy?
We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on 5-packs of bars. If you don’t like the taste of our bars, we will give you a refund. We’re happy to replace any items in the event they’re damaged or spoiled during transit. To ensure that you are satisfied with your product, please inspect it upon arrival. For more on our return policy, please read our full terms and conditions.
Do you ship overseas?
At this time, we don’t ship outside of the United States and Canada. You may use services like Borderlinx and MyUS, but please note that we can’t vouch for any third-party sites or accept liability on their part. Or, next time you’re in North America, you can stock up on B.O.S.S. Bars® before you leave: remember, the shelf-life is nine months long!

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