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In 2013, I found myself in a personal wellness rut, and chronically ill as a result. Like so many of us, I’d been living a life where taking care of myself wasn’t a priority. I embarked on a quest to fix my health and in less than 18 months, underwent a complete transformation. I didn’t do this with a magic pill or fad diet. Rather, I relied on exploration, research, and good old determination. Most of my changes were made with the basics in mind: I changed my diet, my lifestyle, and my circumstances.

My body was strong and I felt better than I ever had. But it wasn’t without strife: my on-the-go lifestyle was never conducive to healthy eating – there’s a reason that fast food is popular for those of us living life in the fast lane. Despite shelves full of “choices,” most of the convenience foods contained unrecognizable ingredients and additives. Even when they filled me up, they also filled me with things I didn’t want.

As an entrepreneur, my mind went straight to solving this problem. I began researching superfood ingredients and experimenting in my kitchen, something I’ve done since my grandmother first welcomed me into hers when I was a child. My recipes were born from this research: each unique flavor combination arose not only from what tasted great together, but also from which ingredients had similar beneficial nutritive properties (mood, brain health, etc.)

Blended. Original. Superfood. Snacks.

In 2015, The B.O.S.S. Food Company® was born. We began in a tiny, shared commercial kitchen in the historic Heights neighborhood of Houston, TX. With bowls and measuring cups and several pinches of passion, my team and I created five different types of bars.

In Houston, people know food – people love food! They also have a passion for bringing ideas to life and to help others persist in the face of adversity. Drawing on the energy of the city, we expanded to farmers’ markets and local retailers.

As we hoped, B.O.S.S. bars® fit seamlessly into busy lifestyles, as easily as iPhones and Uber. They filled up our customers and fueled their days. And the bars tasted good! Our secret is simple. Literally, that’s the answer “simple.” Simple (yet powerful) ingredients for extraordinary taste. See what people have to say about our bars.

Today we are excited to be making B.O.S.S. bars® from our own facility in Northwest Houston, as a trusted alternative to other bars and snacks. If you need to MOVE®, THINK®, SMILE®, RESTORE®, and/or DAZZLE™, we are here to help your hunger. We are here to help you soar.

Andrea Spirov

Founder and CEO
The B.O.S.S. Food Company®

The Cause

Following our founder’s enlightenment towards clean eating and clean living, The B.O.S.S. Food Company® supports causes that work to remove harmful substances from our food and environment by donating 1% of our profits annually to carefully selected charitable organizations.

When you buy from us, you feel good about your choices. Then you eat our bars and you feel even better.

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