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  • SMILE® Bar

    Mary F. writes…

    I was skeptical about this product, because in my past experience with fruit bars, I just couldn’t get past the texture. Although, this was delicious! I tried the banana Super food bar, and I was amazing! It was like I had just made it homemade!! And a lovely mix of chewy, crunchy, and creamy texture! Loved it!!

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  • MOVE® Bar

    Amber P. writes…

    This was a lifesaver in between my two jobs. It allowed me to power through when I had to skip a meal. It was actually delicious compared to similar bars. I got the raspberry flavor and it kept me full for over 3 hours and gave me energy.

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  • THINK® Bar

    Tina H. writes…

    I want more of those! Great breakfast item. Not overly sweet and they were just amazing!!!

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  • RESTORE® Bar

    Kathy M. writes…

    I was happy to find a bar that tasted like it was made with premium flavors. Full of vitamins and superfoods, I love that there are names for the bars instead of flavors. Gluten-Free to boot!

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  • DAZZLE® Bar

    Sharon M. writes…

    I love superfood bars. B.O.S.S. – Superfood Bars have a great chewy texture that made you feel like you were eating something more substantial than a healthy food bar. You really put something in your stomach that takes away your hunger pains. I also found the taste to be very interesting. I was able to taste many different flavors throughout the bar while eating it.

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