Spearmint Extract

The extract used in our THINK® Brainpower™ Bar is water-extracted from spearmint that was selectively bred to be high in polyphenols and targeted to support cognitive performance. This extract was clinically shown to improve sustained attention in young, healthy adults. Rather than being a quick fix, this ingredient works over time to support cognitive performance, specifically focus and working memory, without disrupting sleep at night. Clinical research has shown that older adults will also experience these benefits. The spearmint plants are sustainably grown on family farms right here in the United States.

Working memory is part of short-term memory that allows for storage and manipulation of information while working on another task. It is critical because it supports cognitive abilities such as sustained attention, focus and concentration, as well as movement and reaction time. Improvements here will likely help improve one’s ability to manage workloads and improve productivity. A THINK® Bar a day keeps the useless away!