Why Just “Eating Healthy” May Not be Enough

Did you know that half of Americans are managing at least one chronic health condition? One in four are managing two or more chronic health conditions, many of which can be prevented or mitigated by proper nutrition. Yes, that’s right - you can keep yourself healthy just by consuming proper amounts of vitamins and minerals.

In response to this crisis, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is increasing it’s recommended daily values (DV), which are the percentages you see on nutrition labels. Recent research has indicated that most Americans are falling short on some key nutrients, even if they generally consuming what many would consider to be a wholesome and healthy diet.

These nutrients of concern now include:





Vitamins A, D, E, C

Iron (particularly for certain groups like adolescent girls and women ages 19-50)

With “snackification” on the rise (90% of us snack multiple times a day, with snacks accounting for half of all meal occasions), why not use these snack times to catch up on your nutrition?

B.O.S.S. Bars contain more naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (and a higher nutrient density) per dollar spent than any other bar out there. And they are shelf stable, so you can take them anywhere!

Our bars offer high levels of at least 12 key nutrients, including fiber (up to 14% DV per bar), iron (up to 15% DV per bar), vitamin E (up to 25% DV per bar), and magnesium (up to 40% per bar). Plus other important nutrients like manganese (important and dwindling due to environmental factors), selenium and zinc. We don’t use any vitamin pre-mixes, everything comes from wholesome superfood ingredients.

This is in addition to the targeted nutrition benefits from our superfoods that aren’t accounted for (like Aronia berries, which have the highest antioxidants of any berry, with incredible benefits!)

Why do we care about this?

Our entire reason for existing is the result of our founder’s story.

Andrea began her early thirties in crisis. Literally exhausted and falling asleep at 3pm each day, with doctors telling her she would need donor eggs to conceive the child she so desperately wanted, she turned to her own smarts and intuition to solve her problems.

Within 18 months of identifying that nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance were the keys to her medical problems, and making a radical shift to better nutrition and a cleaner lifestyle, Andrea found herself naturally pregnant.

Today she is full of vitality with a healthy toddler running alongside her. If you think that nutrition might be the cause of your inability to thrive, ask your doctor about specialized testing. And make every meal or snack decision with care - only reach for things that are high in nutrients. It does matter. Every choice matters.