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The Sad Truth About Sugar Alcohols

sugar alcohol is bad

Falling for foods claiming lots of protein, a sweet taste and only one gram of sugar? The buzz around products sweetened with substances like erythritol is big and blinding. Many companies are jumping on the bandwagon, using sugar alcohols as a way to market their products as healthy, sugar-free or low-calorie treats. You can find sugar alcohol in items like ice cream, snack and protein bars, chewing gums, and energy drinks. If you’re trying to eat healthier,

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The Benefits of Blueberries

Summer is known for many things: family vacations, afternoons by the pool, and sweltering temperatures. But it is also known for sweet, plump blueberries! In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture proclaimed July as National Blueberry Month in 2003. Fresh blueberries are not only some of summer’s most popular treats, but they are packed with dense nutrients and antioxidants, and have long been attributed to longevity and wellness.

What Makes Blueberries So Super?

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Sugar vs. Fruit Sugar: Not All Sugar Is Created Equal

Many of our customers are conscientious label-readers, and our bars pass all the ingredient tests: certified Paleo, certified gluten-free, and preservative-free, with just eight superfood ingredients per bar. But we sometimes hear concerns about the sugar in our B.O.S.S. Bars so we wanted to share a bit about the difference between added (often refined) sugar and fruit sugar like the ones we use.

Natural Sugars

Glucose and fructose, both “simple” sugars,

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Bananas: Our SUPERFOOD Ingredients

Bananas are so accessible and so commonly eaten throughout the world that one might forget that they are a superfood. After all, superfoods have to be unusual and expensive, right? At The B.O.S.S. Food Company®, we champion a variety of superfoods, some of which are actually quite common and accessible. Bananas can be found in our MOVE™, THINK™ and SMILE® bars. Let’s learn a bit more about this yummy superfruit.

Body Benefits of Bananas

First of all,

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Dates: Our SUPERFOOD Ingredients

Plump, chewy dates are a cornerstone of each B.O.S.S. Bar™. Dates are ancient fruits, having thrived for at least 50 million years. In some cultures date palms are called the “tree of life,” which is fitting because their fruit is both highly nutritious and delicious. Let’s learn more about this amazing superfood.

Dates Nutrition

Dates have a high concentration of soluble fiber, which assists with maintaining healthy cholesterol and blood glucose levels.

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