No time to be tired or average?


Our plant-based bars
help you fight fatigue,
increase productivity,
and feel more focused.

clean sports nutrition
Build your body’s own mitochondrial
energy with ingredients from nature.
The ancient peat and apple extract in MOVE® provide trace
minerals while aronia supports recovery.
Sports nutrition never looked so clean!
Improve Focus
The high-polyphenol nootropic
found in THINK® has been clinically shown
to increase sustained attention by 11%.
It’s simply Midwest-grown spearmint
with no taste of mint.
Over time, enjoy neuroprotective benefits.
Breakfast like a B.O.S.S.
Get the fuel you need for a happy,
productive morning with no stimulants.
The Ayurvedic Alpinia galanga in SMILE® improves
mental alertness and sharpness without
increasing heart rate or blood pressure.
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Every B.O.S.S. Bar contains medium-chain triglyceride oil, a “good fat” that delivers fast energy to your body, inspiring performance, quick mental processes and a feeling of  satisfaction after eating.
vegan protein
Powered by a revolutionary mushroom-fermented brown rice and pea protein that brings you all 20 amino acids, and the most environmentally friendly protein source on the planet. Yes it’s Paleo-friendly! (fermentation removes antinutrients)
SMILE – 10g
THINK – 7g
MOVE – 10g


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