SMILE®! Now you can enjoy 5 hours of delicious focused energy without stimulants (or extend that morning coffee without the crash)

We all have that time of the day where we start to lag and need a real energy boost.

So, you grab a coffee or an “energy” drink and try to push through.

But stimulants have a funny way of derailing our efforts to sustain continued focus – the effects wear off after about 90 minutes.

Some energy drinks never provide that focus, jacking you up on sugar and making you feel even worse than before.

And sometimes you’re just hungry. Food can go either way. Too much of a sugary snack (or other “bad carbs”) can make you sleepy.

This is why we’re excited to introduce the new and improved SMILE® bar, which should literally put that expression on your face.

It’s a delicious chocolatey blend of Fair trade raw cacao powder, pumpkin seeds, banana, and our super-special functional ingredient:

Alpinia galanga extract

It’s a little exotic, yes, but you’re probably familiar with this herb from Thai or other Southeast Asian dishes. It’s in the ginger family, though there is no taste of ginger or spice in our SMILE® bar.

The particular extract we use in SMILE® gives you sustained alertness and mental focus for up to five hours with no stimulant energy.

And it’s been clinically shown to not increase heart rate or blood pressure.

Still want your coffee? No problem (we love coffee too!) SMILE®will amplify caffeine’s benefits and actually extend the effects of your favorite caffeinated beverage, but you won’t get that crash you may usually feel.

What you will get is nootropic benefits without harmful side effects. Alpinia galangal has been a part of Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, with a number of other beneficial uses.

This botanical extract has shown a demonstrated optimal improvement in alertness, and an improved ability to process new information.

And like chocolate, raw cacao is a proven mood booster. We love its stable flavanols and minerals, and you get the less processed form of cocoa, which preserves more of its nutrients.

Did we mention that you’ll also get 10 grams of complete vegan protein, 7 grams of prebiotic fiber and only 3 grams of sugar, which naturally occurs in the bananas?

We also include MCT oil, providing “good fat” and promoting energy.

It’s a filling treat that brings benefits fit for a B.O.S.S.®

So don’t skip breakfast.

Grab a SMILE® Upbeat Focus™ bar in the morning, or even later in the day to keep your attention and focus where it needs to be.




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