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YOU WANT MORE FROM FOOD.andrea spirov founder boss

We get it.

It’s 2020 already. How come your snacks aren’t doing that little bit extra?

Introducing the first line of functional nutrition bars with ingredients that are clinically shown to provide more energy, more focus, and just more!

Hi, I’m Andrea.

I overcame some major health challenges in my early thirties just by changing my diet and lifestyle.

Food matters.

Every bite can empower you.

Consume junk and you will lower the energy levels in your body – your vibration suffers.

In my case, I had to be my own hero.


Here at B.O.S.S. Food Co.®, everything we create for your family has a function.

We use only the highest quality food ingredients with evidence-based research behind them.

And we know you have to keep it clean.

Our formulations are truly cutting edge – unlike anything you’re going to find in other energy bars.

This is my second functional food and beverage company. The passion I have for creating food that does more for you has carried me here, to create B.O.S.S. Food just for you.

Ready for your B.O.S.S. Life?

Each of our products delivers a specific targeted functional benefit. We are the only bar that uses clinically effective ingredients to help you meet your nutritional goals.

We work with some of the world’s leading ingredients companies to bring you the latest cutting edge foods available.

B.O.S.S. Bars® are powered by the most sustainable protein source on the planet: a revolutionary new complete vegan protein.

We are focused on taste, bringing a delicious solution to the modern snacking dilemma: how do I make every on-the-go calorie count?

We invite you to join our Circle, where you can enjoy the benefits of our bars delivered straight to your door, earn gifts for loyalty and free bars for spreading the word.

Our ingredients are so pure and safe, the entire family can enjoy them. We never use stimulants, soy, preservatives or fillers.

We are so excited to be on this journey of life with you!

Be well,

Andrea Spirov
Founder and CEO
B.O.S.S. Food Co.®


boss food co proudly women ownedRaising the Bar for Women

We pledge 1% of profits to causes that help women succeed. We are particularly interested in funding organizations that assist young women, especially those who may otherwise fall through the cracks because they don’t meet the documentation requirements for institutional support (but need help nonetheless!)

To date we have assisted the following charitable organizations:

My Hope Chest

We will be announcing new partnerships soon. Please reach out if you’d like to work with us.