B.O.S.S. Bar Sampler 3-pack

B.O.S.S. Bar Sampler 3-pack


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Give all of our B.O.S.S. Bars a try with our three-pack sampler. Enjoy one bar each of MOVE® Fit Energy™, THINK® Brainpower™ and SMILE® Upbeat Focus™. Clean functional food.
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Targeted superfood nutrition has been reinvented to include cutting edge, clinically studied functional food ingredients, complete vegan protein, prebiotic fiber and only 3 to 7 grams of natural sugar and no added sugar. All bars contain Non-GMO Project Verified functional food ingredients and are free from caffeine, sugar alcohols, soy, antinutrients, dairy, whey and performance enhancing drugs.

Most bars contain a bunch of junk that depletes your energy instead of building it.


Our 100% plant-based bars help you feel great, get it all done, and have energy left over for the things you love to do. Each is designed for a specific function.