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SMILE® - people will think you’re up to something! Packed with uplifting ingredients so you can ditch those lows and grabs some highs. Our flavors are raw and brilliant (just like you!).

  • Raw cacao has polyphenols that have been shown to improve mood. It boosts serotonin levels while its phenethylamine stimulates the release of endorphins.
  • Pumpkin seeds contain vitamin B6, which is needed for serotonin synthesis, and magnesium. Magnesium is considered a “nutrient of concern” and is found in generous quantities in four of our bars.
  • Bananas contain the mood-boosting chemical dopamine, as well as B6 and magnesium.
  • Hemp seeds have the perfect balance of omega 7 and omega 3 fatty acids, the latter of which are very important for the brain. Consuming them does NOT produce the high that one would associate with cannabis as they contain no THC.
  • Four additional SUPERFOOD ingredients balance out this delicious bar.

Contains tree nuts. Vegan. Very Low Sodium, Good Source of Protein, Good Source of Iron

Like all B.O.S.S. Bars®, the SMILE® bar has

  • Simply EIGHT ingredients
  • The power of raw SUPERFOODS
  • NO preservatives
  • NO soy, wheat or dairy
  • Non-GMO Project Verified


Pumpkin Seeds, Dates, Organic Bananas, Hemp Seeds, Organic Cacao Powder, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Rooibos Tea, Lavender Powder

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Weight 1.7 oz
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Bar ($3.39), 5-pack ($14), 12-pack ($29.99)

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