Sports nutrition never looked so clean! (and why our method of producing energy beats caffeine any day of the week)

You’ve worked hard on that summer beach body and now you have to keep it in shape.

We know what it takes.

You need protein, fiber, and lean nutritious foods.

What you don’t need is junk. There’s no point in looking great on the outside if your insides are struggling from the pollution of cruddy diet food.

And that stuff doesn’t make you feel good either.

You also don’t need a bunch of extra caffeine for energy.

When it comes to muscle building and having the stamina to get through your workout, it’s all about your body’s own energy currency, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).

Caffeine is what’s known as a purine alkaloid.

It can aggravate or compete for adenosine receptors.

As the receptors take up the caffeine, there is interference with adenosine’s fatigue signaling.

What you get instead is a release of adrenaline, which can prolong exercise and increase performance, but can also stress out your heart and cardiovascular system.

You can also build up tolerance, which requires more caffeine, and can lead to addiction and dependence.

But lots of energy bars have caffeine, so it must be the only way to provide sustainable energy, right?

What if you could help your body generate more of its own mitochondrial ATP instead?

It’s your body’s own powerhouse, so it’s safer than outside stimulants.

A MOVE® Fit Energy™ bar helps you do just that.

The combined ancient peat and antioxidant apple polyphenols it contains will both increase your energy and protect your mitochondria from harmful oxidative stress.

This compound has been demonstrated to increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the mitochondria and muscles in three published clinical trials. Functional studies of this substance have demonstrated improvements in strength, power, and body composition.

All without stimulants.

Then you have another little powerhouse protective agent in the Aronia berry. It’s a potent fruit grown right in the Midwest.

It’s one of the richest plant sources of antioxidants, with anti-inflammatory properties, particularly helpful for post-workout recovery. New studies are continuously revealing the health benefits of Aronia.

Sports recovery is happening all the time while you aren’t working out, including sleep - so get plenty of that!

In addition to 10 grams of complete vegan protein, our MOVE® bar is an excellent source of dietary fiber (9 grams), and contains 9 grams of “good fat,” including MCT oil. It has 18 naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, all with only 4 grams of naturally occurring sugar.

What may be lurking in your current protein fitness bar? No need to go grab one, we’re going to guess:

  • Soy protein isolate
  • Calcium caseinate
  • Malitol syrup, sucralose
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Palm oil
  • Sunflower or canola oil
  • Lecithins
  • Soy
  • Added sugar (or too much sugar)
  • Cornstarch or corn fiber
  • Maltodextrin
  • Artificial colors (yellow 6 lake, red 40, red 3, etc.) – many other countries ban these!

There’s a lot of highly processed food out there.

Chemical laden protein bars or other snacks may let you feel like you’re eating a lot of chocolate caramel delight and never feel hungry.

But the lack of nutrients and damage to your kidneys, liver, nervous and circulatory systems will not be worth it in the long run.

We know lots of people don’t care and just want super high protein at any cost.

They’re happy to eat the junk because it’s cheap, no worries.

If that’s you, best to move along now, because we can’t help you with that.

We will never compromise on our ingredients.

We’re all about the food of the future.



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